From Mercadal to Fornells

From Es Mercadal there is a straight road (…) that leads to Fornells. In this northern village and in particular in an old cheap restaurant called La Fonda many people from Maó usually come to eat good fresh fish, states the Archduke. In Fornells you can see people tanned by the sun, of yellowish skin colour, and almost all of them are fishermen. All houses are whitewashed; most of them have next to the threshold stone masonry whitewashed too. If we walk along the port while we see how fishermen boats come and go we may see one of this men fixing his nets, because fishermen are in charge to fix up their own nets, even old reed traps (nanses).Apart from enjoying seafood, in Fornells we will find the ArtSpai shop and its section devoted to Arts & Crafts in Menorca.