The southern area of Alaior to Canessies

The Archduke highlighted the town of Es Mercadal because it is the most central point of the Menorcan towns and villages and, therefore, it becomes a crossroads between the northern coast, Fornells, and the southern coast with the road to Santa Galdana. This is the only remarkable fact that vests some importance onto this village. Anyway, he also stressed that there, houses, almost all of them whitewashed, have in many cases an elegant appearance. And, that one of the worthy premises to be visited in Es Mercadal is the huge cistern located near the way out of the village towards Ferreries. The central location of Es Mercadal is currently its strongest feature since it has become a stopover point. If we come from Alaior along the Camí d’en Kane road we will surround the village along the general road that we must cross to arrive at the Centre Artesanal de Menorca (Arts & Crafts Centre of Menorca), the starting point of this route and core space of the Menorcan craftsmanship. After paying it a visit, we will lead to the centre of the village and we will take the Carrer Nou street down where we will find the fifth generation of the well-known Cas Sucrer, a saga of great pastry cooks who have turned the amargos, carquinyols, tortades and braços de gitano into the most famous characters of Menorcan patisserie. They are almost a celebrity and some time ago its was a custom that neighbours from other villages around Menorca stopped to buy these pastries when they went to visit El Toro sanctuary. We will continue down the Carrer de Baix street and few metres away we will find three jobs of vital importance in Menorcan country life. Just on the Pont d’Enmig bridge there is the old blacksmith premises, called D’en Carretero, which the Town Hall has refurbished to be visited. Afterwards, on the right hand side, the Carrer Tramuntana starts where an old flour mill still stands with its old well-preserved machinery; then only some houses from here, there is the master craftsman’s workshop of the country carpenter (arader) called Miquel Gomila. We will go back some steps to take the small street towards the Carrer Doctor Llansó street, then on the left hand side only 300 metres away, we will find the flower shop run by the craftswoman Mercè Gavaldà. We will get out from the village towards Ciutadella while we will pass by a beautiful parade that leads to the Llinàritx farm and the small industrial area of the same name. There we will find Miquel Portella, a craftsman specializing in stringing chairs, and in particular stools made of reed mace.