From Maó to Alaior

From Sa Colàrsega at the end of the port of Maó, we will follow this route to get to Alaior, twelve kilometres away from here, the most important village of the inland area (…). Everywhere one can see shoemakers at work in the entryways of the houses, in ground floor rooms or even in half dark basements. The footwear industry has traditionally been one of the greatest fostering elements of the Alaior and Menorcan economy. Currently, the economy has diversified and we can find craftsmen in several sectors. If we come from the Camí d’en Kane road we will find Santa Eulàlia church, and walking along the Carrer des Grillons street we can stop at the paper workshop of artesian Núria Gavin. Now that we are in the very old area of Alaior, we can take advantage of the situation to walk around and discover cosy corners that will surely offer some evidence of traditional arts & crafts: a Menorcan door handle, a sash-window, a half-open door with a small hook, a curtain made of crochet… however, these elements must not distract us from our goal of getting to know all artisan workshops and with that in mind we want to arrive to the Carrer de sa Bolla street where the painter Sisi Armengod will open the doors of her studio-workshop. From this point we will continue straight on to cross the Carrer de sa Bassa Roja up towards the Plaça de la Consitutció square, which we will then cross towards the Carrer Menor street up to the Carrer de Baixamar street. This will come into the Sintes brothers pastry shop where, among others delicacies, we will be able to taste the ice-cream of choice of an entire generation of Menorcans; we are talking about our famous “57” ice cream bar. Some craftsmen established in Alaior have their workshops in the outskirts, just like the ceramist Abigail Bañeres, who can be found on the way out of the village towards Maó, which is also the case of the artist who makes games and entertainment items, Jacint Alsina, located along the Camí d’en Kane road, which we will then take west towards Es Mercadal.