Flora Ritman

Craftsman/Company: Flora Ritman
Craft: Dried flowers decorator
Address: “Es Molí de Baix” Farm – “Barranc d’Algendar” (gorge of Algendar)
Location: Ferreries
Phone: 650202021 – 971373852
Website/e-mail: www.algend-art.eu
Timetable/season: Visits 1 day per week, starting may 7th.  Visit must be previously arranged by phone (650202021 or 699929283).

Description: At the “Es Molí de Baix” property, we work for ecologic farming of produce such as pumpkins, which the artisan turns into decorative objects (lamps, moneyboxes, etc.) The workshop is located in the attic of the “Es Molí de Baix” country house, at the cliff of a ravine.