Centre Artesanal de Menorca

Craftsman/Company: Centre Artesanal de Menorca
Address: C/ Metge Camps, s/n -Recinte Firal- (map)
Location: Es Mercadal
Phone: 971154436
Website/e-mail: www.artesaniademenorca.com
Timetable/season: May to October from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 3pm

The Menorca Craft Centre is willing to be the reference and promotor of menorcan crafts. We are strongly comitted towards professionalization of artisans through concepts like design, mark. image, management, marketing, new technologies and, especially, quality.

The centre is located in the guard section of the Mercadal old military barracks, a building built in 1904. In the past, there was a law that forced people to host soldiers in private homes. At the moment when the soldiers establishment in Mercadal was approved, and because of the problems between neighbours, the town council gave lands in order to construct the barracks.

One hundred years later (2004) this space reverted into the hands of local government.

In 2005, Mercadal town council gave the space to the Island Council which together with the regional government carried out restoration to convert the building into the first craft centre in the Balearic Islands.